Is macrame cool again?


A few years ago I went on a experimental knitting and crochet course at Chelsea college and amongst knitting swatches with electrical wire and pipe cleaners I also learnt how to macrame. I loved it ! I found it really interested how a few different knots could make something so different and picked it up right away. Now macrame is never really seen as cool, it probabally wasnt even cool in the seventies, but its been making a comeback in the shops in the form of trims and jewelley and so I thought I would share my samples that I produced for my final collection. I experimented more with macrame to see if I could make garments from it in a more up to date macrame dress everyone has seen. Unfortunately my collection went in a different direction and so the macrame was featured in the end but I loved making the swatches.

I used Rowan Drift to make the samples in a range of Autumn colours. The yarn worked really well and the two tone effect in the yarn gave it an added detail. Here are some photos…

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