Featured Designer: Eliza Joan

I was very lucky this week to be able to talk to Rebecca who owns Eliza Joan. Eliza Joan sells amazing crocheted necklaces that are unique and add an extra touch to any outfit. I’ve already got my order in !

Please check out Eliza Joan at http://www.elizajoan.co.uk


How did you get started?

I studied Fashion Textiles and Business Studies at the University of Brighton and so right from the beginning I knew that this was what I wanted to do. I started selling knitted cushions and clutch bags at Spitalfields market in London. Then I taught myself to crochet and experimented making a few neckpieces using the stitches I had just learnt. … Then I realised that these pieces were more successful and I enjoyed making them and so my crocheted neckpieces started from then!

What’s been your favourite neckpiece so far?

I am a complete perfectionist and so if I don’t like a design I will un-do it and start again! My favourite design though would have to be the crocheted neck posy- it’s fun to make and is versatile in a way that I can embellish it with lots of different beads. (My bow ties are also fun and quirky.)

What’s your average day like?

Every day is different for me. Although I am my own boss- I keep to a schedule and sometimes work to the early hours of the morning finishing a design. It is all the promoting that I struggle with (I would be much happier designing all day) and so I sit working on my laptop whenever I can.

What do you love most about your job?

I am lucky in that I am passionate about my work and so love all aspects- but it is the experimenting with the designs- what yarns to use- what beads etc that I absolutely love.

eliza 1

What advice would you give to someone started their own knit business?

Starting up any business is a struggle at times and so my advice to anyone would be make sure that you really love what you do because at times it can be the hardest job in the world- getting your work out there and putting it up for criticism etc. But if you love it and have faith in it, all that hard work won’t seem that bad.

What are the future plans?

My dream for the future is to sell my designs in Liberty’s in London. But my plans for now are to continue promoting, working on my designs and to sell my pieces in as many places as possible.

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