Fluffy times

This weekend was really exciting as i was able to start making things for winter!

I decided to start with something simple and so picked a hat. The hat i decided on was a new design by Louisa Harding using her amazing new yarn Luzia. I dont normally like fluffy yarns as they normally look a bit cheap but the quality of this yarn is really good and when i first saw the image of the hat i thought it was reap fur and so was happily surprised when i found out i could make it.

The hat took me about a day to make and looks amazing on (photos soon). It was really easy to make and only needed two balls of yarn so was quite cheap even though the fur yarn cost over £10! But was worth the price.

Next weekend i think ill move on to scarves. How about you? Started your winter knitting yet?






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  1. lostinknit says:

    I feel the same about fun fur yarns but this one feels a lot thicker and much better quality

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