The Knit Parade

I have been following the brand Wheres Me Jumper? for a while now and love their work. The concept of their business is for customers to send in ideas and designs of what they want on a jumper and they create it for them. Its a great idea and they have created some amazing jumpers.

Now they are giving everyone the chance to do it themselves. They have created the book The Knit Parade in which they have designed exciting and new motifs for people to knit their own individual jumper. The patterns are easy to follow so its a great book for beginners but they also incourage people to create whatever they want using the charts as a starting point and so its perfect for the more advanced knitter that wants to start designing items themselves. I love that they have included extra charts at the back of the book for people to experiment with. If youre more of an adventurous knitter you could add a spotty back to a jumper or add checkered arms to make your jumper even more individual.

I love this book and cant wait to design my own version. Its great to see a knitting book that is aimed at younger people and keeping knitting on trend.

Please contact for more information on the brand.




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