Knit for a good cause !

The campaign group ‘Wool against weapons’ are asking knitters to get involved to create a 7 mile long scarf to send a message to politicians.

The aim is for the finished scarf to be stretched between atomic weapons factories at Aldermaston and Burghfield in Berkshire during the summer this year. The idea is to make the government rethink their plan on renewing the Trident Nuclear Weapons programme in 2016 which will cost £80billion.

Each piece of the scarf needs to measue 60cm x 100cm and can be knitted in any stitch and any yarn. Try and be as creative as you can!

After the yarn bombing day the scarf will be deconstructed and sent to refugee camps etc in the form of blanckets.

For more details visit or phone Jaine Rose on 01453 751604.


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