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  1. How do you tie-dye knit wear? That’s unique and interesting.

    1. lostinknit says:

      Im going to try knitting a garment in cotton or wool and then tie dying it after its knitted

      1. Oooooooooh…. Document your process please! Sounds really intriguing! How did you come up with this idea?

      2. lostinknit says:

        I will do ! Hoping to start this weekend. I just thought it would be a different look to using space dye yarn

      3. Definitely! So you’ll have to do something to set the color. So would you use regular techniques for tie-dye or would you more use yarn dyeing techniques or a mixture of both?

      4. lostinknit says:

        I think im going to try a mix of both. It will be trial and error but hopefully it will work

      5. Shibui tiedye or regular? Anyhow, either way I’m looking forward to seeing the outckme/updates 😀

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