Featured Designer: Lisha Gill

I was lucky enough to get to chat to Alisha who is the founder of Lisha Gill, a new exciting knitwear brand. You might have known of Alisha from her blog but I had the opportunity to ask her about her knitwear collection and what her plans are for the future. Check it out below…

Where did you get your inspiration from?

I tend to get most of my inspiration from whatever peaks my interest at the time. For instance, the collection I am currently working on it inspired by the interiors of Strawberry Hill House. Which I’ve only heard of through a documentary on Gothic architecture.


What is your design process? How do you get from start to finish?

My design process is quite scattered, and I’m always willing to try different approaches to reach my designs. But my favourite part of designing is playing around with yarns and knitting techniques. I love testing out new techniques.

What’s your favourite yarn to work with?

I love mohair! It feels so soft!


Where do you want your brand to go next?

I aim for my brand to be sold and recognized worldwide. But at the moment I’m aiming to do more catwalk shows and trade shows in England.

Who do you look to for inspiration?

I’ve always loved the styles of old Hollywood musicals, so I look to Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell,Cyd Charisse etc.


6. Where will we see your collection?

You will definitely see my collection on my website: Welcome to lishagill

Good luck Alisha !

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