Lostinknit’s new home!

So I have started a new job and moved away from home for the first time. Scary ! But I’ve settled in nicely and so thought I would show you around.

I bought all my quirky decorations with me including my Sincerely Louise deer head. I loved making it and have the hare to make next. Then my mum made me a ram’s head which is amazing ! There is so much detail on it and it has made my sofa area much more cosy.

My favourite thing I have got for the flat so far is my shower curtain. It couldn’t be any better suited to me! I got it from Urban Outfitters who have a really good selection of unique home items.

I of course have all my knitting needles with me as they are in a lot of use for my new job. I have been doing a lot of new projects which will be on the Hobbycraft blog soon so check them out !

I would love to see what your knitty homes look like ! Please share them with me on Facebook and Instagram

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