Hi I’m Emily and I started Lost in Knit to share my love for knitting, crochet and all things crafty. I am a knitwear designer at heart and am always on the look out for new trends and inspiration and i want to share it with you!

Knit is my life so check back for my latest knit crush, how I am styling the new knit look and what I have on my needles.

Can’t wait for you to join the gang!


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  1. monique says:

    hey emily!
    do you know this label:www.irinaheemann.com?

  2. Fay Goslimg says:

    I have a question in regard to a cardigan sweater pattern that I want to knit. I just purchased the pattern book BoHo Chic (by Emily Platt – Quail publishing 2015) and I want to buy yarn for the pattern Avia. I do not see anywhere in the book where it says I might be able to purchase the necessary yarn Can someone please help me with this? I bought the book from the UK but live in the USA. It would be easier to purchase yarn in the USA but I can certainly (if necessary) purchase from the UK.. Thank you, in advance, for your help with this matter.

    Fay Gosling
    Portsmouth, RI 02871

    1. lostinknit says:

      Hi Fay
      Thanks so much for contacting me. http://Www.mcadirect.com is a really good website. It is in the uk but it ships worldwide and has really good delivery.
      Let me know if you need anymore help and thanks so much for buying the book!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Hi Emily
    I’ve got a question on one of your patterns, also from Boho Chic, the poncho / throw. Which sides do I join together? Is it two long sides? If so, why is the striping for both sides different? Also, I am assuming that I need to keep the first and last 4 stitches in moss stitch throughout the pattern? The chart also does not seem to tie into the photos. On the photos it shows a full diamond followed by a split diamond whereas the repeat indicated in the chart would only give you full diamonds? If I maintain the first / last 4 stitches in moss and join the long sides for 50 cm, then does that mean that I end up with two panels with 8 moss stitches in the middle?

    1. lostinknit says:

      Hi Stephanie, thanks for the comment. The stripes are not supposed to match up. you need to put the long edges together and then sew half way up and stop. there will be 8 sts of mosh stitch in the middle.
      Hope this helps

  4. Dayna Hughes says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you create custom designs for people? I have a dress that you can’t buy anywhere and was wondering if you’d be able to make it?


    1. lostinknit says:

      Hi yes i do. Please go to my work with me page and send me an email with more details

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