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  1. Lesley hicks says:

    Absolutely love the designs, especially knitted trousers. Are there patterns available ?

  2. CARI L SANDERS says:

    how do i get pattern?

    1. lostinknit says:

      What pattern are you after?

  3. Jane says:

    Hi I went to a craft shop today and they have a yarn called in the Zone but I can’t find any patterns to go with the yarn.I am a beginner at knitting and (I think you know what craft shop I mean )really excited to try cardigan blanket ect please can you help .😊

    1. lostinknit says:

      Hi Jane. If you check the stores website you will find patterns using that yarn. Thanks Emily

      1. Jane says:

        Hi thank you I have had a look the 3 patterns they suggest the tensions for the patterns it is different on the yarn sorry any suggestions 😊

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