Cosy up

Today was the first day it was really icey outside and Ive been cold all day since leaving the house. So i thought some nice cosy knitwear pictures might help warm me up. Enjoy

Home sweet home

Now the weather is getting colder its always nice to make your house into a cosy hideaway and knitted throws and blankets are the best accessory for a winter evening. So ive put together some inspirational images for you that will hopefully give you some new ideas on how to cosy up your home for…

Finishing projects

So im finally getting round to finishing some projects that i knitted last year so i can start using them. I love the nordic tweeds book by rowan and have made two items from it but never managed to quite finish them until now. One is a lovely cardigan using colourspun yarn with reindeers on….

Its so fluffy !

That’s right, fluffy knits are back ! Knitting with fluffy yarn have never been my favourite, what with not being able to see the stitches and making a mistake means getting your knit into the biggest mess! But the new knits that are coming through are making me want to try again with the fluffy…