My first weaving is finished !

  I know I have already posting about this weaving but I am so happy with it that I wanted to share it again with you all. I have now completely finished it and it is ready to hang up! It’s been a great learning experience and it’s a new way to experiment with yarn and…

Lost in Knit weaving

  This is my first attempt at weaving and I am really happy with the result. I got the frame from Hobbycraft as a starter kit and got started. It was really fun to learn a new skill and enough though I only used the basic weaving stitch and added fringing, it was really creative…

DIY day of the dead jumper

So this year I decided as I love pom poms and Mexico the best costume would be a day of the dead outfit. As I was on quite a tight budget I thought the best thing to do would be to get creative. So I found a jumper from HM which was under £10 (bargain!) and…

Laerke Bagger

Love this knitwear collection from laerke bagger check out the website or find it on instagram

Festival Crafternoon !!

Last weekend my friend Zoe and I hosted a Festival Crafternoon. Last year we tried knitting and friendship bracelets, then at Christmas we made decorations which was a great success. This summer we decided on the festival theme and decided to make headdresses. We had a huge selection of flowers, feathers and yarn for pompom but…

Stuck for valentines ideas?

If you like being crafty but are stuck for valentines ideas then I have found a couple for you. I am in love with the Wild and Woolly window display and so did some research to see what ideas other people have had. Happy crafting 🙂

Amazing Chanel hats

The new Chanel couture show has the most amazing hats ! They really remind me of Knit collage yarn Get their yarn to try and make your own 🙂