Katie Jones on Not just a Label

I have come across Katie Jones before and loved her interesting take on crochet. Now she is selling her latest collection on Not just a label which is a great website where new designers can sell their collections and get them seen by a huge audience. Well worth a view in my opinion.

Favourite pinner – Knit Collage

Knit Collage create the most beautiful yarn and their pinterest is so inspiring to look at. Check them out for yourself! I love looking through all of their images, it really makes me want to start spinning my own yarn again.

Glow in the dark knits!

I was looking for interesting yarns to use the other day and came across glow in the dark yarn! Its like a lurex so can be knitted with other yarns and then glows in the dark. I cant wait to experiement with knitting different patterns into knits that can only be seen in the dark….

Keeping it crafty

So I’ve been starting to think of different projects that would suit mine and Zo’s Crafternoon and it has made me what to make loads of different things! So I have made a summer wish of things I want to try out. 1. Spinning yarn I have already learnt how to spin yarn and even…

Hats Hats Hats

I love a wooly hat and there are so many to choice from. Now that the weather is cold its time to get out your favourite hat or make your own. A hat is a good first project for a new knitter and great fun for experienced knitters to. Pick an interesting stitch, an amazing…

The classic cable

The cable jumper is a loved favourite and this is never going to change. There are many different types of cables but this year i think the ones that look the most modern are the ones that look very clean in non fluffy yarns. The classic cream works with everything but i really like the…

Amazing macrame

I was doing some research the other day on macrame and i came across this amazing photoshoot featuring the designs of Jana Mikasova. Macrame doesnt have the best reputation but this photoshoot looks fantastic and really brings the craft up to date. I learnt to macrame at a short course at the royal college of…